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Our site will be a resource to help shelters, rescues and individuals who need help caring for pets or adoptables.

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Fundraising Ideas

  • Step by Step Fundraising
    There are a variety of ways to raise funds and communicate with your supporters online. The very basic is an online donation button. You can also host online auctions and get a commission on items sold through an online store. Here are some of the best resources for online fundraising.
  • Your Cause.Com
    The mission of is to empower individuals to change our world?leveraging their own voices, networks, and spheres of influence to improve the lives of others.
  • Active.Com
    Setting up your online account at Active Giving is the first step to supercharging your fundraising efforts. Based on our experience, we've learned it only takes a few simple steps to ensure a successful campaign.
  • First Giving
    Fundraisers come to a nonprofit?s Firstgiving start page and make their own online fundraising page. They do custom display boxes too!
  • Network For Good
    Network for Good is the Internet's leading charitable resource, bringing together donors, volunteers and charities online to accomplish good.
  • Donation Solutions
    Donation Solution is a powerful, comprehensive application capable of handling your email fundraising campaigns, email lists, member recruitment, event planning and volunteer resources.
  • JustGiving.Com
    Justgiving's online fundraising tools are easy, effective and fun - for individuals and charities of all sizes. Our online Personal Fundraising Pages make it simple to raise money - so individuals raise more money for their favorite causes.
  • Grassroots Fundraising
    Practical tips and tools to help you raise money for your organization.
  • iGive.Com
    You Shop, They Win! Help your favorite cause for free, (everyone should sign up for this and put a link on your website).
  • Good Search
    By searching the internet through Good Search, they give money to your cause.
  • Fundable lets groups of people pool funds to make purchases or raise money. GREAT WAY TO RAISE MONEY!
  • USA Fundraising
    Many resouces for ways to raise funds
  • Fundraising Newsletter
    A free newsletter with fundraising ideas, tips, and secrets for the small nonprofit fundraiser. Great ideas!
  • Humane Fundraising (Yahoo Group)
    This group will discuss fundraising ideas for your Humane Society, Rescue, Animal Shelter or Sanctuary. GREAT GROUP!
  • Many Good Ideas
    He helps non-profits come up with great ideas, products, and attract donors.
  • Insider Pages
    Raise Money Quickly By Writing Online Reviews of Local Businesses - 3 week fundraiser can raise from $1,000 to $10,000. [*Check this out!!!*]
  • Grinning Beagle
    Use her terrific book as a fundraiser for your animal shelter or rescue group. She also offers autograph signings as a Fundraiser!
  • Pet Treats & Other Pet Product Fundraising Ideas
    This website has dozens of fundraisers for Pets and with Pet Products. Many good ideas for animal shelters and rescue to raise funds.
  • Canine Commandments
    In this free, no obligation program, we will list your organization on our website ordering page. When people buy a book, they can specify that the net proceeds from their purchase ($5.00 per book) be directed to your organization. At least once a quarter, we will tally up all the books sold where your organization has been chosen as the recipient, and send you a check. It's that simple!
  • Chip-In
    The ChipIn widget is a simple Flash application that allows you to keep people up-to-date on ChipIn events you organize to collect money. Tell them what you're collecting money for, how much you want to raise, and when you need it by.
  • Recycle For Pets
    Recycle4pets, a recycling program that pays cash for recyclable items. It is great way to raise money and help the environment. They collect a wide variety of items, not just one.
  • Nature Can Heal
    They have put together a few good plans to people who want to offer our safe, non-toxic products as a long-term fundraising program for a variety of causes. An animal shelter/rescue would offer the pet care products to the new adopters and the profits help fund the shelter directly (15 to 25% typical profits). The benefits are that the animals are getting excellent food and health care products and are also helping your shelter/rescue.
  • Fundraising Ideas and Products
  • (#1 fundraising site)
  • EFundraising
Donation Boxes
  • EBay
    All sorts of types of donation boxes.
  • Fundraising Depot
    Your Fundraising Superstore - Lots of options for donation boxes.
  • Displays 2 Go
    America's Largest Manufacturer and Supplier of POP Displays.
  • Affordable Display Products
    Donation boxes and loads of other neat display products for literature and business cards and raffles.
  • Cool Plastic
    Desert Star Plastics is a full service, acrylic plastic fabrication and manufacturing company.

At this time, we are in the process of gaining our official 501(c)3 status as a non-profit organization. We will provide updates as they occur. -
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